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Labour and administrative law



The Bobič Law Firm provides employers with advice regarding the legal, legitimate and the most efficient manner of conducting and managing labour-law procedures within their companies. We provide assistance with the drafting of general legal acts in the field of labour law, particularly employment contracts, acts governing job classification, companies’ organisational structures, workers’ stimulative remuneration, etc. In cooperation with relevant experts, we also draft legal acts related to occupational health and safety.

The Bobič Law Firm provides the following services to employers:

  • review of the entire volume of labour-law documentation and, if necessary, the drafting of appropriate acts.
  • review of existing employment contracts and, if necessary, the drafting of new employment contracts,
  • management of labour-law procedures within companies, e.g. procedure for the termination of an employment relationship (ordinary or extraordinary termination),
  • representation of employers’ interests in litigations before labour and social tribunals, e.g. in proceedings arising from the termination of an employment relationship, mobbing, etc.

Protection of Workers’ Rights

The Bobič Law Firm represents workers in any disputes with their employers. We provide legal assistance to our clients and make sure that their rights arising from employment relationships are protected. To this end, we institute and manage proceedings due to all types of violations and infringements of labour rights, as well as actions for damages for workers who suffered a loss or damage.

The Bobič Law Firm provides the following services for workers:

  • representation of workers in all proceedings involving their employers,
  • participation in negotiations, review and drafting of agreements regarding the amicable termination of an employment contract,
  • filing actions and representation in labour-law proceedings before labour and social tribunals (illegal termination of an employment relationship, mobbing, etc.).

Administrative procedures and disputes

In the field of administrative law, the Bobič Law Firm provides legal assistance at any stage of administrative proceedings.

We represent our clients in the enforcement of their rights and entitlements in various administrative proceedings, such as:

  • obtaining a building permit,
  • obtaining a concession
  • etc.