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Commercial law


Corporate Law

Characteristics related to the legal status of companies distinguish companies from other legal entities, which is why status-related characteristics are of particular importance for the legal position of a company.

The Bobič Law Firm advises its clients in all matters related to company law, including the incorporation of different types of companies, daughter companies, subsidiaries and other types of entities, which are suitable for the performance of an organised business or other activity. We also provide professional legal support in the organisation and implementation of companies’ General Assembly meetings, and represent shareholders and partners in exercising their interests and corporate rights towards the company.

In the field of corporate governance, we advise members of management and supervisory bodies in all matters, which require legal expertise and experience for achieving efficient and effective solutions to problems arising from internal relationships between members of management and supervisory bodies, shareholders and employees.

We provide legal representation to companies, shareholders and members of management and supervisory bodies in all proceedings arising from corporate relationships, such as the contestation of decisions taken by the General Assembly, the liability for damages of the members of management and supervisory bodies, the appointment/recall of members of management and supervisory bodies in court proceedings, the convening of the General Assembly meeting on behalf of the court, concerted action, etc.

Construction Law

The Bobič Law Firm advises its clients in the conclusion and performance of construction contracts and the exercise of rights arising from such contracts. In providing legal advice, we are carefully implementing the interests of our clients in all construction and real estate transactions. We provide a comprehensive range of services in the field of construction law to investors, project managers, contractors and other parties involved in the implementation of construction projects. In addition, we provide comprehensive legal assistance in the resolution of construction law issues, particularly in procedures for obtaining all necessary administrative permits (building permit, permits related to environmental protection, etc.) and in the definition of legal relationships between and towards contractors and other participating entities.

Our services in the field of construction law include:

  • drafting and reviewing different contracts,
  • assistance in negotiations,
  • implementation of all necessary administrative tasks,
  • representation of clients in court proceedings related to property rights and other rights upon real estate, trespass, removal of easement, etc.
  • legal counsel and management of civil and arbitration proceedings resulting from claims in the field of construction law.

Information Technology Law

The Bobič Law Firm advises numerous Slovene and foreign clients in the resolution of issues related to information technologies, particularly in the field of internet law, digital media, e-commerce, industry-specific contracts, including regulatory issues, administrative authorisations, IT law, e-commerce, technology takeovers, personal data protection and privacy issues.

Upon request, we also regularly inform our clients on the latest developments and anticipated changes in the legislation of their respective countries.

Intellectual Property Law

The Bobič Law Firm advises its clients in the resolution of legal issues in the field of trademark law, model and patent law, law governing geographical indications and copyright law. Our services include the drafting of copyright, licence and other agreements, the conclusion of contracts governing the protection of business secrets. In the event of disputes related to the violation of intellectual property rights, we also provide legal representation of clients before court. We are always striving to find solutions, which best protect the interests of individual clients.

We provide the following services:

  • consultancy related to the disposal, acquisition and management of copyright,
  • representation in court and out-of-court proceedings aimed at regulating legal relationships in the event of violation of copyright and industrial property rights,
  • legal advice regarding the protection of trademarks and models,
  • representation in procedures for the registration of trademarks and models before competent authorities, which also includes opposition proceedings contesting their registration and other forms of judicial protection,
  • advice in the event of industrial property rights’ violations with respect to the most appropriate steps to be taken for protecting clients’ interests, rights and position on the market, which are in line with procedural options allowed for by the applicable law in a specific situation.

Insolvency Law

We advise both insolvent debtors and creditors in different insolvency proceedings.

Our services in this field of expertise include the provision of advice to insolvent debtors in undertaking various financial restructuring measures, the drafting of the necessary documentation and representation before courts in legal actions related to establishing the liability of management and supervisory bodies.

We also advise creditors, particularly with respect to the precautionary protection of their interests by instituting different types of securities (fiduciary transfer of property rights (titles) to serve as securities, reservation of title, etc.). In addition, we also represent creditors in insolvency proceedings (registration of claims, arguing and contesting of claims, etc.).

Competition Law

Competition law fosters and protects competition among companies and enables a fair and efficient functioning of the market. However, when performing their activities on the market, companies may find themselves in different positions with respect to competition rules. For instance, a restriction of competition, which constitutes a breach of competition rules, may occur when companies cooperate with one another on the market. A strong market position may allow companies to carry out practices and conducts that constitute the abuse of their dominant position. Market concentration may arise by obtaining and exercising control over another company. Such market concentration must be duly notified to the authority competent for the protection of competition, which examines the case and decides whether market concentration is in line with competition rules.

We advise our clients in all matters related to competition law and represent them before Slovene courts, market regulators (Competition Protection Office of the Republic of Slovenia), the European Commission and EU courts.

Due Diligence

Due diligence represents a foundation for any further commercial or financial procedure undertaken in or by companies. The Bobič Law Firm conducts due diligence exercises in target companies in the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) procedures, recapitalisations and similar transactions, where the establishment of risks and exposures of target companies is of key importance. On the basis of findings revealed by the due diligence process, we advise and cooperate with our clients in subsequent transactions (determining the conditions for an acquisition, defining seller’s commitments, etc.). Our services may be provided to both sellers as well as buyers.